March 5, 2023


Volunteers, Sponsors:
Usually at this time of the year we are right in the big middle of praying, planning, promoting and developing the annual NOT FORGOTTEN event at Woodward Park in Manteca. However after much prayerful thought and consideration, Janice and I have concluded, we will no longer be able to put on this event. This letter is being sent out to inform you, that after 15 stress-filled, but wonderful fulfilling years, we simply are unable to continue. 2022 was certainly one of our best for sure and a perfect ending to this event.

What began as a Patriotic Musical Drama to Honor our Fallen Heroes and Veterans in the local church I pastored, and processing my own traumatic Vietnam issues, grew to one of the largest Memorial Weekend events on the West Coast. It has been an amazing impactful run.

I would like to take this opportunity to say to you who have made this premier event happen over these years, who have contributed financially, who have labored sacrificially with us to make this happen and to those who volunteered at the actual event….

You are to be commended; We Thank and Salute All of You, Each and Every One!

With your help we have been able to stay true to the original vision of:
• Honoring God and Country
• Remembering the Fallen
• Honoring all who Served
• Telling the Story of Freedom to Our Children.

But none of us can afford for our Nation’s sake, or our Families future to sit back and do nothing. Each of us must continue to engage in this battle to return to the God who authored our freedoms. Each of us must continue to find a place to serve, lead, pray and stand tall against the forces who wish destroy our nation.

Between Memorial Day events, we have been taking the California memorial “Remembering Our Fallen” throughout the state and supporting our veterans at various activities throughout the year.

We are now in the process of putting together a new project in order to encourage all to continue to remember the Fallen. We are going to focus on the 62 men who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom from the city of Manteca, dating back to World War I.

We are excited to share the details of the project as we finalize the plans. We will soon be updating our website,, to post announcements and to share those things we feel will Honor and Remember our Fallen and Support our Veterans.

On behalf of our board, leadership team, and our family, we thank you from the bottom of our heart for your support. We pray God will bless each one of you and your families and our great country.

Michael Dillman
President and Founder
Not Forgotten, Inc.

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