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We have spent the last 50 years of our lives serving in ministry. A big part of that is our passion for our vets and especially those who have given the ultimate sacrifice.

Coming home from Vietnam to an angry, confused, ungrateful nation left me afraid and ashamed to speak of my service. Our superiors warned us to not wear our uniforms in public or we would put ourselves in danger. An entire generation of American warriors were silenced, ignored, and rejected, left alone to drown in their thoughts and memories of a war no one wanted to acknowledge.

Like many Vietnam Vets I tried to return home and pick up where I had left off, a new Bride who I had been deployed after a month of marriage, finishing college, Pastoring, starting a family. But no matter how hard I tried to push down all the intrusive nightmares and memories, the physical, spiritual attacks became harder and harder to manage. So I began to share my struggles with my wife and my church. I was amazed at their prayers, love, and support. Then a friend asked If I would go to a Vietnam Vet who was skilled in helping soldiers on many levels. Finally, my healing could begin.

Pastor Mike and Jan Dillman
Founder and Administrator

Many years ago we began to seek out Vietnam Veterans to minister to them, to honor them, and to thank them for their service, and to give them hope. I felt a calling to try to never allow another Warrior to return home without receiving Thanks and Honor for their service and sacrifice, regardless of the politics of the day. And to keep the sacrifice of those who paid the ultimate price and their families before us as a nation. What began as a simple gesture has now grown into one of the largest Memorial Weekend events in our country.

We look forward with you to Honoring God, who has blessed this Nation like no other, celebrating our Freedom and our Patriotism and our Hero’s. Save the date and join us at Woodward Park in Manteca on May 27-29th and the Not Forgotten 2023 event.

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